NewsCrocodile terrorized village, then became traditional feast

Crocodile terrorized village, then became traditional feast

The police shot and killed a crocodile that was terrorizing the village.
The police shot and killed a crocodile that was terrorizing the village.
Images source: © Facebook, Pixabay | Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

5:09 AM EDT, June 14, 2024

Police shot a 12-foot crocodile in northern Australia that posed a threat to villagers. The animal was then eaten. Soup was prepared from its tail, and some meat was grilled. The reptile was notorious for attacking dogs and posed a risk in the area.

The 12-foot crocodile made its way to the Baines River after a flood hit the region earlier this year. This river is just 820 feet from homes.

The animal repeatedly came out of the water, posing a serious threat to children and adults near the river. According to RMF24, the crocodile was also responsible for the deaths of many dogs belonging to residents of nearby villages.

After consultations with relevant authorities, it was decided to shoot the crocodile. This decision was made to eliminate the threat it posed to the safety of the local community.

They made traditional crocodile soup

The police handed the crocodile to the residents, who prepared it according to traditional Aboriginal culinary recipes. Using recipes passed down through generations, they prepared the crocodile in a way that fully utilized its meat.

In an interview with ABC television, Sergeant Andrew McBride stated that soup was made from the crocodile's tail, some meat was grilled, and the remaining pieces were wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on coals covered with earth. "It was a traditional feast; many bellies were full," the sergeant recounted.

Crocodiles in Australia. What you need to know?

Director of Wildlife Operations DEPWS, Kristen Hay, emphasized that any water body in the Top End region can contain large and potentially dangerous crocodiles. "That's why we encourage everyone to follow the steps and swim only where signs permit swimming," she added.

Saltwater crocodiles are currently the largest living reptiles in the world and the largest predators both on land and in rivers. Both those living in fresh waters and those in brackish and salty waters have been strictly protected in Australia since 1971. It is estimated that around 100,000 crocodiles currently live in northern Australia.

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