SportsCristiano Ronaldo offers dream jobs with luxury perks at Madrid hotel

Cristiano Ronaldo offers dream jobs with luxury perks at Madrid hotel

In the picture: Cristiano Ronaldo
In the picture: Cristiano Ronaldo
Images source: © Getty Images | YASSER BAKHSH

6:06 AM EDT, May 10, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo is seeking new team members for his Pestana CR7 hotel, situated on the bustling Gran Via in Madrid. The celebrated football superstar promises a tempting salary, with potential earnings of up to approximately $26,000 a month.

Regarded as one of football's all-time greats, Ronaldo's illustrious career has earned him fame and substantial wealth. This success has enabled him to venture into various business avenues, including the ownership of luxury hotels.

The Portuguese athlete, now playing for Saudi Al-Nassr after his stint in Europe, manages the Pestana CR7 hotel, amongst other ventures. He's on the hunt for dedicated employees to join his hotel staff, offering generous pay that reflects the quality he's known for.

According to Spanish media, Ronaldo is looking to fill positions for waiter assistants, a supply manager, and Public Relations personnel. Prospective candidates must have completed specialized training and possess relevant experience to qualify.

Securing a position at Ronaldo's hotel could see you earning between $24,000 to over $31,500 annually for a standard 40-hour workweek on a rotational shift basis. This salary scales from roughly $25,000 to about $33,000 when converted.

Beyond the attractive salary, Ronaldo's employment package includes perks. Employees are covered by health insurance, receive restaurant vouchers worth around $105, and enjoy reduced rates at hotels within the group, adding a layer of luxury to the employment benefits.
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