SportsCristiano Ronaldo debuts limited-edition champagne at eye-watering price

Cristiano Ronaldo debuts limited-edition champagne at eye‑watering price

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo
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3:36 PM EDT, May 2, 2024
The famous Portuguese soccer player is launching one of the market's most expensive champagnes, with only 777 bottles produced.
Cristiano Ronaldo is venturing into the alcohol market, as reported by CR7, in collaboration with his sister Elma Aveiro, has unveiled one of the world's priciest champagnes. The asking price for a bottle of "The 777 Goals" is quite astonishing.
The 2016 vintage champagne is a balanced mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Its full name is Elma Aveiro "The 777 Goals" 2016 Vintage Champagne.
This champagne is not only expensive but also available in a limited edition. It celebrates Ronaldo's 777th goal in his professional career. The Portuguese striker, currently playing for the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr, reached this milestone during a match between Juventus and Inter Milan in 2021.
"This is a true collector's jewel for enthusiasts. The only thing that might prevent them from buying even one bottle is the price," writes
Be ready to spend a significant amount. Each bottle of Elma Aveiro "The 777 Goals" 2016 Vintage Champagne is priced at €1,777 (approximately $1,964). The bottles are individually numbered from 1 to 777, and the champagne is produced in France.
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