SportsCristiano Ronaldo and son steal the spotlight at star-studded Saudi boxing gala

Cristiano Ronaldo and son steal the spotlight at star-studded Saudi boxing gala

Cristiano Ronaldo and son caught in Saudi Arabia
Cristiano Ronaldo and son caught in Saudi Arabia
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3:53 AM EST, December 24, 2023

Saudi Arabia's commitment to hosting major sports events is growing more prominent. The sheiks show a particular interest in boxing, evidenced by another gala this year, showcasing an incredibly strong card of fights. On Saturday, December 23rd, six of the top ten heavyweight representatives were invited to this event.

Cristiano Ronaldo spotted at boxing gala

The spectacle of such an event attracted the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide, including high-profile stars. Among them was Cristiano Ronaldo, whose presence quickly became a social media topic when videos of his entrance to the hall with his son began to circulate.

That's not all. As if Ronaldo’s presence wasn’t enough, another renowned athlete, Conor McGregor, soon joined the football legend. The Irishman, recognized as the most popular MMA fighter in history and a known investor, was indeed a real magnet for the Portuguese at Saturday's boxing gala.

Cristiano Ronaldo: the face of Saudi Arabian sports

Cristiano Ronaldo's appearance at sports events in Saudi Arabia is not a new occurrence. He regularly attends boxing galas and even participated in a legendary photo shoot during an event featuring Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

It's important to note that Ronaldo represents the Al-Nassr club in Saudi Arabia's league daily. He excels both in league matches and the Asian Champions League under his club's banner.

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