FoodCreamy mushroom soup gets a summer twist with coconut milk

Creamy mushroom soup gets a summer twist with coconut milk

Creamy mushroom soup for summer
Creamy mushroom soup for summer
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3:24 PM EDT, May 28, 2024

Mushroom soup has become a staple in most homes, often made similarly. Some people add more greens, while others prefer a specific addition of cream, but ultimately, the result is similar. However, if you want to break the monotony of the humble mushroom soup, you must try the recipe below. It's an ideal summer variation.

Many people are hesitant to experiment with well-known and tried recipes, fearing that the changes will make the dish too strange and may result in wasted time and ingredients. However, you can approach the experiment with mushroom soup with ease. Nothing terrible will happen to you here.

What instead of cold soup? Cold mushroom soup

You can serve this version of mushroom soup hot or cold. It is creamy yet light, full of flavor but not overwhelming—the secret lies in the coconut milk, which I used instead of cream. Coconut milk is thick, so it wonderfully changes the consistency of the mushroom soup. It is also a plant-based alternative to cream, making it suitable for vegans or lactose-intolerant people.

The taste of coconut milk is not as overwhelming as many people think. If the mushroom soup itself is well-seasoned and has a lot of mushrooms, adding coconut milk will certainly not overwhelm the dish. Instead, it will bring out its best, giving it a delicate flavor. It's also worth choosing brown mushrooms, which have a more intense taste and aroma than white ones. You can "season" the mushroom soup with melted cheese if you like more robust flavors.

Mushroom soup with coconut milk. Recipe


Mushroom soup is an excellent idea for dinner.
Mushroom soup is an excellent idea for dinner.© Pixabay
  • 1.5 pounds of mushrooms,
  • 6.5 cups of broth,
  • a small piece of celery,
  • 2 carrots,
  • 3 potatoes,
  • about 1.7 cups of coconut milk,
  • 2 tablespoons of melted cheese,
  • clarified butter,
  • parsley and dill,
  • salt, pepper.


  1. Peel the celery, carrots, and potatoes, cut them into cubes, and then put them in the broth. Cook the mixture until the vegetables are soft.
  2. Clean the mushrooms and cut them into giant cubes or slices. Then, fry them in batches in clarified butter until they are golden and crispy. Add the fried mushrooms to the soup.
  3. Optionally, add some melted cheese to the soup.
  4. Once the cheese has melted, the soup is boiling, and the vegetables are soft, remove it from the heat and add coconut milk gradually to taste. After adding the coconut milk, you can bring the soup to a boil, but remember not to allow prolonged boiling. Otherwise, unappealing lumps will form.
  5. Finally, season the mushroom soup with salt and pepper to taste. Serve sprinkled with fresh herbs.
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