HealthCranberries daily intake could improve heart health and fight stomach cancer, study suggests

Cranberries daily intake could improve heart health and fight stomach cancer, study suggests

Why is it worth drinking cranberry juice?
Why is it worth drinking cranberry juice?
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11:40 AM EST, January 15, 2024

Cranberries have a critical role, including blood flow regulation and blood clotting control.

Understanding the Endothelium

The endothelium is a thin tissue that wraps blood vessels, arteries, veins, capillaries, the heart, and the lymphatic system. Unhealthy diets and lifestyle choices can damage the endothelium, creating a foundation for heart diseases.

The Benefits of Consuming Cranberries Daily

In the primary phase of the research, 45 healthy men were involved, with each being tasked to consume about 0.32 ounces of powdered cranberries daily (equivalent to about 3.53 ounces of whole fruit). The study duration was one month.

Before and after the cranberry consumption, the scientists carried out an FMD ("Flow-Mediated Dilation") test, which is a primary method for assessing vascular health, particularly endothelial function on the participants.

The test indicated an increase in FMD after cranberry consumption, suggesting that daily consumption of powdered dried cranberries might enhance vascular functions in healthy men.

Moreover, the polyphenol content of cranberries plays a cardioprotective role, as indicated by the metabolites that the scientists identified in the study participants' plasma.

However, the study was limited, and only healthy men participated. The effects of powdered cranberry consumption on women or unhealthy individuals are yet to be determined.

The Effect of Cranberries on Stomach Cancer

Besides heart health benefits, cranberries can aid in gut health improvement. They might be a natural method to combat Helicobacter pylori, the primary identified cause of stomach cancer. As per one study cited by Lauren Manaker, author of "Fueling Male Fertility," drinking cranberry juice - with 44 mg of proanthocyanidins per 8-ounce serving - twice daily for eight weeks resulted in a 20 percent decrease in Helicobacter pylori infection frequency among adult participants from China.

Thus, cranberries could prove to be an excellent addition to your morning oatmeal for various reasons!

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