NewsCourt clamps down on Millionaire's excessive car parking in Gloucestershire

Court clamps down on Millionaire's excessive car parking in Gloucestershire

Graham Wildin
Graham Wildin
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11:18 AM EST, December 7, 2023

The British millionaire will no longer be able to park his 13 cars in front of his neighbors' properties following an official court order. Residents contend that the wealthy man started parking his vehicles on the street after being ordered to destroy his unauthorized "man cave".

71-year-old millionaire, Graham Wildin of Cinderford in Gloucestershire County, suffered a legal defeat to his neighbors, the BBC reported. According to the court ruling, the man can now only park two cars on the street. The decree also restricts him to receiving a maximum of two guests at a time, who are permitted to remain on the property for no longer than eight hours.

Complaints about this disputatious resident led to the intervention of the Solance organization. This team facilitates communication between Gloucestershire police, district, and city councils, with an aim to prevent, investigate, and combat antisocial behavior. The BBC conveyed that in September, Solace obtained a temporary order limiting the number of Wildin's vehicles parked on the street, with the millionaire promptly appealing against it. The case saw a two-day trial last week in Gloucestershire county court, presided over by Judge Jonathan Napier.

The judge was briefed on the issues raised by the 71-year-old's road obstruction during the trial. Evidence presented revealed that waste management staff were unable to collect garbage due to the number of vehicles Wildin parked on the street. Wildin's lawyer challenged the allegations, contending that aside from one instance, her client had not obstructed any vehicle.

The millionaire's neighbors allege that the arrival of 13 vehicles on their street corresponded with the order requiring Wildin to take down his "man cave". Around this time, they began noticing a yellow Jensen-Healey sports convertible, a grey Bentley Turbo R, a burgundy Austin 1100, a Range Rover, and a Vauxhall Viscount, among other cars parked near their homes. British tabloid, "Mirror", reports that in 2014, Wildin had illicitly built an entertainment complex, inclusive of a casino, cinema, and bowling alley, at the rear of his property.

The court ordered Wildin to cover Solance organization's legal costs of £5000 ($6,408). In addition, he will have to cover his own legal fees,which the BBC reports to be approximately £80000 ($102,565). Judge Napier also ruled that Wildin cannot maintain CCTV cameras outside any vehicle or on any extending pole, as previously practiced. Post the hearing, Solace's antisocial behavior case coordinator, Di Blandford, remarked, "For the neighbors, it was a David's victory over Goliath, all thanks to the efforts of our prosecutor".

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