SportsCora Schumacher quits 'I'm a Celebrity': Worries over health or guarding Michael Schumacher's secrets?

Cora Schumacher quits 'I'm a Celebrity': Worries over health or guarding Michael Schumacher's secrets?

In the photo is Cola Schumacher.
In the photo is Cola Schumacher.
Images source: © Licensor | Instagram Cola Schumacher

5:24 PM EST, January 24, 2024

Ralf and Cora Schumacher were married for more than 13 years. They got divorced in 2015, but Cora chose to stay in the public eye. Today, the 47-year-old television personality continues to enjoy her celebrity status in Germany and manages an account on the adult website, OnlyFans.

Cora recently took part in the German version of the reality show "I'm a Celebrity." The show's format is simple: famous TV personalities are dropped off on a deserted island and viewers get to follow their activities. However, Cora decided to quit the show just three days in due to health concerns, as stated in the show's official profile.

According to reports, Cora suffers from severe coughing and feels physically unfit to continue with the jungle adventures. We wish her all the best! -So says the official announcement.

However, some German media outlets, led by "Bild," have disputed the version provided by the show's producers. Journalists from the tabloid suggest that the TV personality was dismissed from the show to prevent her from potentially spilling guarded information about Michael Schumacher.

During her marriage to Ralf, Cora was quite close to the racing legend and his wife. "Bild" suggests that she might have confidential knowledge about the health status of the F1 champion, which she could have possibly disclosed on the show. Consequently, the bosses of the broadcasting station reportedly did not want to risk this eventuality.

According to "Bild", any indiscretion would violate the unofficial "gentleman's agreement" between the broadcaster RTL and the race driver's family, which stipulates non-interference in the personal life of the F1 legend.

In a tragic event on December 29, 2023, Michael Schumacher suffered a severe accident on a ski slope in Meribel, France. After a heavy blow to the head on a rock, the F1 star sustained considerable brain damage. He spent the next six months in a coma, and his current health status is a subject of extensive speculation because his wife, Corinna, has chosen not to make it public.

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