NewsConvicted criminals in the Russian Army repatriated after fighting in Ukraine

Convicted criminals in the Russian Army repatriated after fighting in Ukraine

An exceptionally brutal cannibal was pardoned for participating in the war with Ukraine.
An exceptionally brutal cannibal was pardoned for participating in the war with Ukraine.
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1:52 PM EST, November 26, 2023

Russia faces difficulties in obtaining experienced and qualified soldiers. It has resorted to sending anyone who is willing to fight against Ukraine, which includes a considerable number of criminals, amongst them, cannibals and murderers. These individuals can anticipate absolution for their participation in the war.

Media reports highlight the numerous instances of cannibals and murderers who were dispatched to the front line. After completing their "service", they return home, exonerated by Vladimir Putin.

Notable amongst the criminals is Nikolai Obolobyak. The ringleader of a satanic group from Yaroslavl in Russia was previously sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for cannibalism, church arson, and an array of other crimes.

The convict was drafted to the front line for six months. Upon completion, Obolobyak was released in recognition of his "service to the homeland". Despite sustaining severe injuries on the battlefield, he roams freely, undoubtedly causing fear among the populace of Yaroslavl.

Several convicted criminals find place in the Russian Army

Oboloybak is not the only one of his kind to have been sent to the war front and later pardoned. Denis Gorin, a murderer and cannibal from Sakhalin, is another such example within the Russian army.

Gorin, a repeat offender, was convicted of cannibalistic murder in 2003. He was released on parole in 2010, but shortly found himself back in the penal colony.

With an extensive criminal record, Gorin, in one substantiated case, murdered a man, butchered his body, cleaned the meat, stored it in the refrigerator, and consumed it. He was consequently handed a 22-year jail term under strict supervision.

Gorin is now free once again. His involvement in the war earned him a pardon, allowing him to return home. His freedom has undoubtedly set the stage for potential attacks on Russia's inhabitants.

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