EntertainmentControversy surrounds Prince William in latest royal tell-all book

Controversy surrounds Prince William in latest royal tell-all book

Friends defend Prince William
Friends defend Prince William
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4:53 PM EST, November 28, 2023

The latest book about the royals, suggests that Prince William might have revealed private information about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to their detriment. However, friends of the future king, the Prince of Wales, have come to his defense.

There have been numerous publications about the fate of the royals and new titles discussing behind-the-scenes events at the royal court continue to stir the media. Over the past few days, British tabloids have been extensively discussing the book "Endgame" by Omid Scobie, well-known royal expert and author of "Finding Freedom" which delves into the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Recent international media coverage has generated interest in this new work. According to the book, Meghan accused two individuals associated with the royal court of racism and shared her concerns with King Charles (then a prince). It also uncovers details about the allegedly strained relationship between Princes Harry and William.

Has Prince William been disloyal to his brother? Shocking allegations

In "Endgame", Scobie not only suggests that Prince William ignored calls from his brother following Queen Elizabeth's death but also alleges that King Charles' older son might have been actively working against his younger brother. As per the Daily Mail's descriptive report based on Scobie's book and interviews, there are suggestions that William chose his loyalty to the monarchy over his own brother, leaking information that could potentially undermine Harry and his wife's authority.

The British website states that in a recent interview given to "The Sunday Times", Scobie depicted the Prince of Wales as a temperamental and power-hungry individual, ready to use dirty tricks to fulfil his ambition. Kate Middleton was presented as a woman with unfulfilled potential, hesitant to take risks for fear of errors. Although Prince William and his wife did not react to the author's contentions, his friends defended him, terming Scobie's suggestions as 'scandalous' in conversations with the Daily Mail.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, one of William's friends disputed the assertions that Prince Wales willingly colluded with the media, thereby negatively impacting Harry and Meghan’s image. The insider stressed that William has always been incredibly discreet with matters involving his family and maintained that he did not plan on striking any media deals. Drawing from his childhood experiences in the light of the issues between Charles and Diana, the prince would not want history to repeat itself, the source added.

This is something he and Harry were supposed to be united in - stated the Daily Mail’s source.

A second person, close to William, accused Scobie of propagating conspiracy theories as facts while speaking with the tabloid. This person also suggested that everyone at the royal court truly wished the best for Harry and Meghan.

It's one thing to criticize the royal family, that's freedom of speech. But spreading conspiracy theories as facts is entirely different. Such a suggestion that [royal advisors] spread negative stories about Harry and Meghan is purely speculative.This simply did not happen. The truth is, from the time of their engagement, everyone treated them gently, striving to keep them content - assured William's friend.

Another Daily Mail contact denied Scobie's claims about Kate Middleton, saying that the description of the duchess not leveraging her potential would greatly upset the prince who is exceptionally proud of his wife's accomplishments. They also refuted Scobie's comments on other royals, calling the assertion that King Charles demanded his shoelaces to be ironed as "utter nonsense".

Who do you believe?

Friends defend Prince William.
Friends defend Prince William.© Getty Images | 2023 Samir Hussein
Friends defend Prince William
Friends defend Prince William© Getty Images | Joshua Sammer
Friends defend Prince William
Friends defend Prince William© Getty Images | Anthony Devlin
Friends defend Prince William
Friends defend Prince William© Getty Images | 2023 Getty Images, Chris Graythen
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