NewsConsternation in Germany. They want to introduce... cards for fans!

Consternation in Germany. They want to introduce... cards for fans!

Stadium of the German Freiburg
Stadium of the German Freiburg
Images source: © Licensor | SC Freiburg - strona klubowa
11:14 AM EDT, October 20, 2023

The German football club SC Freiburg surprised the public. On its official website, it posted a message informing about the penalties that fans not respecting the stadium regulations might face. Unruly fans could even be removed from the field immediately!

There are many indications that Freiburg is the first football club in history whose fans may be punished with yellow and red cards. The consequences of such a penalty are analogous to those awaiting players cautioned in this way. A yellow card will be the "last warning" for fans, while receiving a red card could be equivalent to being expelled from the stadium.

In this original way, SC Freiburg wants to combat the scourge of smokers visiting Europa-Park Stadium, where the team plays their home matches. A no-smoking policy has been in place for a long time on the stands, and separate areas have been created for smokers, so they do not bother other fans. Unfortunately, a large portion of fans regularly disregard these rules, and smoke from cigarettes often wafts above the stadium stands.

The former club is committed to promoting health and would now like to strengthen this. Guests who habitually disregard the smoking ban in place at Europa-Park Stadium may now be warned with a yellow card. Especially in the stands, there is almost no way to avoid the smoke of smoking neighbors. Anyone who, despite receiving a yellow card, violates the regulations of the facility again and is caught doing so, will receive a red card and may be expelled from the stadium - we read on the official website of the club.

Freiburg also appeals to its fans to respect non-smokers, who may be disturbed by cigarette smoke while watching the soccer game. The quoted statement was issued on Wednesday. We will have to wait to assess whether the club's message will have the expected effect.

SC Freiburg has accumulated 10 points in 7 Bundesliga matches, putting them in 10th place in the table. The German team is also competing in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

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