US NewsCongress poised to pass $61 billion Ukraine aid amid bipartisan breakthrough

Congress poised to pass $61 billion Ukraine aid amid bipartisan breakthrough

The aid package for Ukraine is, according to experts, crucial for the further course of the war.
The aid package for Ukraine is, according to experts, crucial for the further course of the war.
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5:17 PM EDT, April 20, 2024

The American Congress may finally vote on the aid package for Ukraine on the night from Saturday to Sunday Eastern Time. The Department of Defense eagerly awaits this, with officials stating that the support will be dispatched to the front as soon as President Joe Biden signs the bill.

The question of further aiding Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression remains a hot topic in U.S. politics. Democrats, led by President Joe Biden, are vigorously working to pass a new bill that promises significant assistance to Ukraine.

This initiative, however, faces criticism from Republicans. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, a party member, has so far blocked its advancement.

Eventually, Johnson proposed a compromise, partly influenced by compelling reports from the CIA and the Department of Defense. The revised bill now includes additional measures for supporting Israel and Taiwan, dealing with the confiscated frozen Russian assets in the USA, and reconsidering the ban on TikTok.

The loan amount for Ukraine is set to remain at an impressive 61 billion dollars, issued in three installments. The President, as have the Democrats and the moderate Republicans, has voiced his support for this compromise. This consensus paves the way for the bill's passage, especially given the Republicans' slim majority of just one vote in the House of Representatives.

Swift delivery of aid to the battlefield: From the USA to Ukraine in days

The final vote is scheduled for Saturday evening. After months of delays, it appears the House of Representatives is ready to approve the additional aid for Ukraine. Indeed, if one were to borrow a phrase from sports, preparations for the dispatch are already underway.

According to The Washington Post, citing anonymous officials from Joe Biden's administration, the Pentagon stands ready to deliver the aid package immediately. The Department of Defense had already started gathering funds, ammunition, and artillery in anticipation, spurred by concerning intelligence reports and Russia's advancements.

The proposal for the next installment of aid for Ukraine had been on hold for months, allowing the USA to finalize its contents nearly. Thus, the Pentagon will immediately dispatch the package once the bill reaches President Biden's desk and receives his signature. Informants claim the reinforcements could arrive at the front in under a week.

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