NewsConfidential security plan for Norwegian Prime Minister's visit found on Trondheim street

Confidential security plan for Norwegian Prime Minister's visit found on Trondheim street

Norway's Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store
Norway's Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store
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2:18 PM EST, February 22, 2024

"I discovered these documents in the middle of the road in Trondheim near Scandic Nidelven at 2.45 pm ET on Monday evening. One of the pages had 'Operation: Visit of Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Røros on 2/20' written on it," a local resident reported to the Norwegian station NRK on Wednesday.

The man stumbled upon the security plan for the Norwegian Prime Minister's visit to Røros on February 20th. Recognizing the significance of these papers, he took the ten-page document to the local police station. However, it was after hours, so he had to slide the secret plan under the door of the closed police station.

Discarded secret document

The document revealed detailed information such as the Prime Minister's minute-to-minute whereabouts, the vehicle he would be traveling in, the identity of the driver, the number of bodyguards in charge of his safety, and even the type of weapon assigned to local police serving as bodyguards.

Investigation initiated by the police

Once the news of the misplaced security plan came to light, NRK sought a statement from the police.

"This is information that the police would prefer to keep confidential," said Geir Arne Sjøhagen, the police chief in Trondheim. "It's unfortunate that this incident has occurred," he added, mentioning that an investigation would be launched to ascertain how the electronically transmitted secret document ended up in the street.

Source: NRK

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