Tips&TricksCombatting the discomfort of overeating: Effective home remedies and health implications

Combatting the discomfort of overeating: Effective home remedies and health implications

How to deal with overeating?
How to deal with overeating?
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11:33 AM EST, February 8, 2024

Overeating is a state we encounter when we eat too much food, more than our stomachs can efficiently digest. The resulting heaviness can linger for several hours. Fortunately, numerous home remedies exist to address this issue. It's beneficial to be familiar with these techniques to promptly tackle the side effects of overeating.

Is overeating harmful to health?

Occasional overeating, such as during the holiday season, is not typically a cause for concern. However, chronic overindulgence could signal problems with your eating habits, often stemming from emotional difficulties.

Overeating has consequences, many of which are under-discussed. The primary results are overweight and obesity, due to a caloric surplus in the diet. Overeating also increases the risk of elevated cholesterol levels, fatty liver disease, and general feelings of malaise. If you're a food enthusiast and are prone to overeating, it might help to eat more slowly. This strategy can deceive the brain into thinking you're full, as prolonged eating duration communicates satiety.

What aids overeating?

Feeling bloated and struggling with digestive issues are discomforting experiences that everyone wants to resolve as quickly as possible. Before relying on pharmacy solutions, consider trying a few home remedies that could alleviate overeating symptoms in just a matter of moments.

The initial recommendation is to take a walk. Even though you may feel too heavy or lethargic, adopting a standing position will alleviate stomach pressure and stimulate blood circulation. Concurrently, consume warm, unsweetened tea or compote. These will heat the stomach and aid digestion. If overeating induces heartburn, drinking water with a pinch of baking soda and a few drops of lemon can be particularly beneficial. The alkaline reaction will neutralize the stomach acid, causing discomfort in the esophagus.

Herbs are renowned for their digestive benefits. Tea with chamomile, mint, dill, or wild rose should help relieve the symptoms of overeating. If abdominal pain persists despite these remedies, warm compresses and baths can be soothing. Water can ease pain and promote relaxation. As a last resort for overeating, one might consider over-the-counter medications, but it's worthwhile to try these natural methods first.

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