LifestyleColorful ribbons on luggage may cause travel delays, expert warns

Colorful ribbons on luggage may cause travel delays, expert warns

Labeling suitcases can cause trouble
Labeling suitcases can cause trouble
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8:42 AM EDT, June 4, 2024

Many travelers worry about their luggage during flights. Some mark their suitcases to make them easier to find at the airport. However, a baggage handler explains that attaching tags to luggage might not be a good idea.

A popular way to mark a suitcase is to attach a colorful ribbon. While the idea seems reasonable, according to the airport worker, it could prevent the luggage from reaching its intended destination.

Marking luggage can have the opposite effect

The ribbons people attach to their suitcases for easy identification can cause problems with scanning in the baggage hall. If the luggage cannot be checked automatically, it may be sent for manual handling. This could mean your suitcase did not arrive on time on the plane. Additionally, it's worth removing old stickers from the bag, as these can confuse the scanning process, said an airport baggage handler in an interview with the RSVP Live portal.

The baggage handler also added that travelers should never pack marzipan in their suitcases, as it can have the same density as explosives. As a result, both the bag and its owner could be pulled off the plane.

It's also not worth locking suitcases with padlocks

It's also worth noting that trying to protect the contents of your luggage from theft can have the opposite effect. Travelers often lock their suitcases with padlocks, which can attract potential thieves.

The principle is simple: adding extra security to luggage suggests that it contains something valuable. For a thief, this indicates that the suitcase is worth targeting.

Source: The Mirror

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