LifestyleColorado couple discovers they're cousins after 18 years of marriage

Colorado couple discovers they're cousins after 18 years of marriage

The DNA test revealed the truth about her husband.
The DNA test revealed the truth about her husband.
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9:04 AM EDT, May 9, 2024

Celina's life was forever altered by a discovery she never anticipated. She spent years in a content and loving relationship, completely unaware that her husband was also her relative. This revelation emerged during her exploration of their family trees and was confirmed by DNA testing.

The story involves Celina and her husband, Joseph Quinones, who are residents of Colorado. The couple, married for 18 years and parents to three children, found themselves at the center of global attention after the Daily Mail reported on their unusual situation. The discovery of their familial ties turned their once-peaceful lives upside down.

Driven by a curiosity about her ancestry, Celina began investigating her family history. It wasn’t long before she made a startling realization: her dearly loved husband Joseph was, in fact, her cousin. She shared this alarming news with Joseph immediately.

They both underwent DNA testing, verifying their close genetic connection without hesitation. Celina chose to share their incredible story on TikTok via the account @realestatemommas, quickly attracting a large following.

Revealing the truth about her husband

In her TikTok videos, Celina disclosed that accepting the truth was initially heart-wrenching. She grappled with the decision of whether to continue her relationship with Joseph. Love, however, emerged victorious.
"I wouldn't change it for the world... Husband and wife for life! I won't let a drop of blood destroy what we've built, which is this beautiful family," she affirmed.

Her posts quickly went viral, gathering millions of views. While many people found their story repulsive, urging the couple to separate, Celina stood her ground amidst the backlash. She pointed out that their children were healthy and were unaware of their familial bond before the DNA tests. "We'll just stay cousins, spouses, and lovers forever. And now go and vomit some more," she retorted to her critics on TikTok.

Her husband turned out to be her cousin.
Her husband turned out to be her cousin.© Instagram
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