NewsCold kebab leads to a heated standoff. Two Britons jailed for holding courier hostage

Cold kebab leads to a heated standoff. Two Britons jailed for holding courier hostage

Kebab from the British chain
Kebab from the British chain
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2:42 AM EST, January 19, 2024

The incident at Bury Court, on the outskirts of Bedford, took place in November 2022. The individuals involved were 45-year-old Paul Burton and 37-year-old Nathan Turner. The men barricaded themselves, along with the captured courier, inside a residential block.

The older of the two began a live broadcast on Facebook. Burton complained about the courier, stating that the latter had not fulfilled his duty as their delivered kebab order arrived late, was served cold, and was missing salad. When the courier showed up on the eighth floor, the men confronted him and took him hostage, using a coffee table as a barrier at the entrance door.

The courier remained captive for a stressful period of two hours. When a neighbor, disturbed by the loud music played, sought to file a complaint, Burton threatened her with a firearm, leading to further escalation of the situation.

Two Britons convicted for holding a delivery man hostage over a cold kebab

The police were soon alerted and arrived at the scene. Burton yelled threats at the officers attempting to make an entry, "Try getting through my door; I'll take out your colleagues in a blink," he warned. After evacuating the residents, the police sent a negotiator to the scene to reason with the men.

Relaying the events, Chief Inspector Steve Ashdown told Channel 24, "The negotiator explained the situation from their viewpoint. There were a couple of instances where earning their trust was almost achieved. Negotiators are well-trained, and I commend their contribution."

During the confrontation, Burton fired a shot at the windshield of a police car. An armed sniper was held at the ready, poised to fire if required. After a grueling 14-hour standoff, the men surrendered and vacated the apartment. Over a year after the incident, the court released the verdict in this case.

Paul Burton was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm and illegal possession of a firearm. He was awarded a seven-year prison sentence. On charges of property damage, Nathan Turner accepted his guilt and received 20 months imprisonment in return.

Reflecting on the successful resolution of the incident, Chief Inspector Ashdown stated, "Like any other incident involving firearms, a successful outcome brings immense relief. No damage came to residents, and no officers were harmed, which sadly isn't always the case. We are satisfied with our operation."

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