FoodCoffee lovers: Add nutmeg for a healthier, tastier brew

Coffee lovers: Add nutmeg for a healthier, tastier brew

Coffee with this unusual addition is good support in weight loss.
Coffee with this unusual addition is good support in weight loss.
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7:32 AM EDT, May 29, 2024

Coffee with milk? Sure, whatever you like. However, instead of a milky drink, we suggest enhancing your cup of black coffee with a certain popular spice. What will this do for your body? Read on, and you’ll be amazed.

Some spices offer much more than just an exciting taste. One could write essays or poems about the properties of chili, cinnamon, or turmeric. Today, we want to recommend another spice, which turns out to be a fantastic addition to the already remarkable properties of coffee. Add just a pinch to your black drink, and your body will thank you.

Coffee with an unusual addition

Drinking coffee (of course, in moderate amounts) offers exceptional benefits for the human body. For years, we’ve been advocating for moderation in this area. You can’t drink coffee with unhealthy additives like flavored syrups, large amounts of sugar, or artificial creamers and expect positive effects. Moreover, it’s increasingly discussed that even the addition of milk to coffee causes the drink to lose a lot and gain little. That’s why it’s worth considering replacing the milky beverage. With what? For example... nutmeg.

This popular spice (known as béchamel sauce or mashed potatoes) is a wonderful complement to coffee's health properties and flavor. Regularly adding even a pinch to your stimulating drink is enough to see effects.

Coffee with nutmeg

Nutmeg is a spice that contains many beautiful micronutrients. In this context, it’s worth highlighting fiber, pectins, fatty acids, a lot of vitamins (including A, C, and B groups), and minerals — potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. All of this means that nutmeg not only replenishes our nutritional resources but also lowers cholesterol and prevents stomach ulcers.

Coffee with nutmeg is also an effective support in weight loss. Consuming it speeds up metabolism and makes digestion more effective. The aromatic spice also has detoxifying properties, and its fiber allows you to feel full longer. And, of course, the first step to losing weight is avoiding the temptation of constant snacking.

Coffee with nutmeg and other spices might taste better than with milk!
Coffee with nutmeg and other spices might taste better than with milk!© Canva | terrapp

Amidst all this enthusiasm, let’s remember the limitations related to nutmeg consumption. A safe amount is considered to be 2-3 pinches. Exceeding this amount can cause many adverse effects!

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