EntertainmentCoaching Sshuffle? FC Barcelona eyes market as Xavi faces scrutiny

Coaching Sshuffle? FC Barcelona eyes market as Xavi faces scrutiny

Chaos in FC Barcelona. Legend supports coach.
Chaos in FC Barcelona. Legend supports coach.
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11:36 AM EST, November 27, 2023

Is FC Barcelona considering a change of coaches? The club's sports director, Deco, guaranteed full support for Xavi, but Spanish outlets underscore the idea that the Catalans are keeping a close eye on the coaching market. Now Gerard Pique, a Catalan legend, has voiced his opinion on the matter.

FC Barcelona secured the Spanish championship last season under Xavi's guidance. The victory sparked a wave of euphoria in the capital of Catalonia despite the team's disappointing performance in the King's Cup and European cups. At that time, Xavi was hailed as a hero for the triumphant return of the championship and the defeat of the reviled Real Madrid.

However, those days seem to be in the rearview. Xavi's reputation has been tarnished in recent weeks, with fans and experts criticizing the coach for the team's playing style. Barca currently finds itself in third place in the La Liga table, trailing four points behind frontrunner Real Madrid.

Speculation about a potential coaching change has also been addressed by Gerard Pique, a figure revered by Catalan fans, who voiced his support for his friend Xavi.

"We understand that we are not experiencing our best moments, but fan support and patience are what we currently need most because this is just the beginning. We are still 'in the game' in all competitions. Despite the unsatisfactory results, I firmly believe we have a team capable of contending," Pique stressed, according to fcbarca.com.

The ex-FC Barcelona center-back stressed the need for calm and patience within the team.

"We must have faith in the team and stand by it. The final decisions should be left to the relevant people if the season's results don't meet expectations. But for now, we must support the coach and the players," he added.

Who Might Succeed Xavi?

Catalan publication "Sport" suggested that potential replacements for the 43-year-old could be Imanol Alguacil (currently at Real Sociedad) or Michel (heading Girona FC). However, the report indicated that the club appears more focused on the first candidate.

As reported by the newspaper "Marca" at their recent award gala for the previous Spanish league season, Barca officials apparently informed the coach that they viewed him as a potential for an upcoming role.

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