LifestyleClosing bedroom doors at night, a surprising lifesaver in fire and home intrusion scenarios

Closing bedroom doors at night, a surprising lifesaver in fire and home intrusion scenarios

Why is it worth closing the bedroom door?
Why is it worth closing the bedroom door?
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10:46 AM EST, January 19, 2024

Our bodies regenerate during sleep, but achieving deep, rejuvenating sleep - the kind where we wake up refreshed and full of energy - is not always guaranteed. It's vital to maintain a comfortable bedroom environment conducive to rest. Moreover, it's important to not overlook our safety.

The importance of closing the bedroom door

Many of us are selective about the mattress or pillows we sleep on, tailored according to our preferred sleeping position. Others are mindful of the electronics in the bedroom, like televisions, which could potentially disrupt healthy, peaceful sleep.

Surprisingly, the status of the bedroom door plays a significant role too. Some folks feel safer with the door closed, while others leave it open to facilitate air circulation. However, this practice can have risky implications. Here's why:

It is advisable to keep the bedroom door closed at night. Primarily, this practice is a safety measure.

In case of a fire outbreak, the door can serve as a shield, potentially delaying the spread of the flames. This buffer time can provide a window for escape and evacuation. Importantly, it can also prevent the easy penetration of toxic substances produced by combustion into the bedroom.

Another point in favor

A closed bedroom door can be a lifesaver in case of a home intrusion. It creates a buffer, minimizing immediate contact with intruders, intensifying our safety level and giving us time to alert the authorities.

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