EntertainmentClimate activists glue themselves to Munich airport tarmac in bold protest

Climate activists glue themselves to Munich airport tarmac in bold protest

The Last Generation in action. Activists disrupted airport operations.
The Last Generation in action. Activists disrupted airport operations.
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12:18 PM EDT, May 18, 2024

Activists worldwide are taking various actions to draw attention to the climate crisis. These include peaceful protests, events, and urban infrastructure blockades. While the methods vary, the shared goal is to prevent ecological disasters.

The climate situation globally is alarming. Despite some opponents arguing that environmentalists are exaggerating, the continuous warming of the Earth is evident. The impacts of global warming are clear; for instance, a species of ticks that once inhabited savannas and prairies in Africa and Asia has now arrived in Europe. Annual fires sparked by droughts have become commonplace. Climate activists persistently strive to alert governments to this urgent issue, which will significantly affect future generations.

Climate activists glued themselves to airport tarmac

Activists from Last Generation are renowned for their radical actions. This group unites climate activists globally and has organized numerous disruptive events, including disrupting concerts in philharmonics and gluing themselves to roads and airports.

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, activists from the German branch of Last Generation blocked Munich Airport. Six activists glued themselves to various spots on the airport tarmac to block the entire facility—the action aimed to highlight the significant environmental impact of air transport to the German authorities.

Flight tickets cheaper than train tickets?

This action was extensively covered by Last Generation on social media. The activists stress that the government is not doing enough to address the climate crisis. They point out that the fact plane tickets are cheaper than train tickets is a policy failure. "It's absurd that people can afford flights but not train journeys. The responsibility for this situation lies with the government," wrote Last Generation on X. Airport staff immediately called the police, who started removing the activists from the tarmac. Ultimately, six people were arrested.

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