LifestyleEat this and see the result just in 3 days. Your body will be grateful

Eat this and see the result just in 3 days. Your body will be grateful

Woman picking beets at a farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada
Woman picking beets at a farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada
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12:33 PM EDT, October 21, 2023, updated: 4:20 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

A team of scientists from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom conducted research on the impact of beet juice on the gut microbiome. It turns out that the effects of drinking beet juice can be seen in our intestines just after 3 days!

Beetroot experiment

Over the course of two weeks, 18 volunteers aged between 20 and 50, who had previously not consumed beets, were given two glasses of this drink daily. During the experiment, participants drank a beet juice concentrate (diluted in water) for lunch and dinner. The rest of their diet was not modified.

The study was published in the renowned journal "Food Chemistry".

Discoveries in the field of the microbiome

The gut microbiome of participants was studied before the experiment began, during its course, and after its completion.

After just three days of consuming beet juice, scientists observed beneficial changes in the gut microbiota. The most important discovery was an increase in the population of Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria and a decrease in the number of B. fragilis bacteria.

These changes have led to the production of important metabolites, such as acetic acid and propionic acid (SCFA), which are essential for healthy intestinal functioning. It is also worth noting that B. fragilis bacteria, which have significantly decreased in number, are often associated with various infections and inflammatory conditions in the digestive system.

The study clearly indicates that regular consumption of beet juice can have a positive effect on intestinal health and overall body condition.

Discoveries in the matter of arterial pressure

Meanwhile, research published in the British National Medical Library suggests that beetroot juice may also contribute to lowering blood pressure.

The meta-analysis of studies on the effect of beet juice supplementation on blood pressure confirmed that consuming beet juice within 2-56 days lowers systolic blood pressure by an average of 0.14 inches of mercury and diastolic blood pressure by 0.05 inches of mercury. Importantly, this effect was observed in both individuals with hypertension and those with normal blood pressure.

From a public health perspective, this is a significant discovery, because even a small reduction in blood pressure has a real impact on reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications.

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