LifestyleClean your toilet with a sightly cheap and effective product

Clean your toilet with a sightly cheap and effective product

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8:02 PM EST, November 6, 2023

Is it possible to descale your toilet without resorting to expensive chemical agents? The answer is yes. Renowned cleanliness expert Sarah Dempsey suggests a readily available beverage that could do just the trick!

Those of us who strive to maintain a clean residence have, undoubtedly, had to deal with the annoying problem of limescale accumulation in the toilet. This common issue often seems like a relentlessly ongoing battle.

While you could use potent chemical cleaners to get rid of limescale, there is a less expensive and more environmentally friendly solution.

Surprising solution: cola

Sarah Dempsey, a respected cleaning expert originally from the UK, has recently shed light on her unique method for maintaining a sparkling clean toilet. Her solution? Use an ordinary bottle of cola to eliminate limescale and bacteria.

Most of us are aware of the versatile usage of cola, from being a refreshing beverage to a surprising cleaning agent. It appears that its cleaning properties are due to one key ingredient.

"The cleaning properties of cola come from the carbonic acid in the drink," Dempsey explains to the "Daily Express."

Simpler than you think

Dempsey's method for a clean toilet is straightforward. Just purchase a can or bottle of cola, pour it into the toilet bowl, and leave it for about an hour. This allows the carbonic acid to break down the limescale and dirt.

After an hour, you may use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl, although in most circumstances that won't be necessary. The need for scrubbing depends on the extent of the dirt and limescale build-up.

Once complete, flushing the toilet should leave the bowl looking clean and fresh. But Dempsey insists that a one-time clean is not sufficient - regular wiping on a daily basis, especially in the hidden areas on either side of the bowl, is crucial.

It's important not to overlook the flush handle, a common hotspot for bacteria build-up. Dempsey recommends wiping it down multiple times a day.

Consistently keeping the toilet bowl clean, including regularly removing built-up limescale, can prevent larger hygiene issues down the line.

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