LifestyleClean your toilet effortlessly with this common household item

Clean your toilet effortlessly with this common household item

A clever trick to quickly clean the toilet
A clever trick to quickly clean the toilet
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1:09 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

Do you clean your toilet regularly yet still notice limescale and yellow stains? It turns out that you can remedy this. All you need is a product that is not initially intended for it. Additionally, it's very likely that you already have it at home.

Cleaning the bathroom, particularly the toilet, requires consistency. However, not everyone likes to do it. Constantly postponing this task does not help keep it clean. That's why it's worth using simple but effective methods that will significantly speed up and facilitate maintaining the cleanliness of your toilet.

Take care of your toilet: You just need to know a simple trick

Suppose traditional cleaning methods fail, and you can still see limescale and unsightly yellow stains in the toilet. In that case, you need a rather unconventional product usually bought for a completely different purpose. Its ingredients will quickly help you get rid of the dirt.

We're talking about a dishwasher tablet. In this case, throw it into the toilet and wait for it to dissolve. To enhance the effect, you can pour boiling water over it and clean the toilet with a brush after a while. Finally, flush the water, and it's ready. The result? The bowl will shine like new.

If you're dealing with heavy dirt, leaving the tablet in the toilet for a few hours or even overnight is worth it. After this time, you only need to perform the previously mentioned tasks: thoroughly scrub the bowl and flush the water.

The toilet seat has never been cleaner

When cleaning the toilet, remember to remove dirt from the seat thoroughly. Baking soda and vinegar are good options, and even our grandmothers were happy to use them.

The first step is to spray the seat with vinegar and wait about half an hour. If the stains are more intense, you can leave the vinegar for several hours without worry. Then, sprinkle the stains with baking soda and spray the seat with vinegar again. Finally, clean everything thoroughly, rinse with water, and dry it.

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