LifestyleClean your baseball cap with this simple bathroom trick

Clean your baseball cap with this simple bathroom trick

Attach to the cap. You will avoid sweat stains.
Attach to the cap. You will avoid sweat stains.
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1:29 PM EDT, June 13, 2024

A baseball cap has become one of the trendiest accessories in recent years. Over time, however, unsightly stains might appear. How can you avoid them? Reach for a product that you most likely already have in your bathroom.

When temperatures soar, we are exposed to the harmful effects of sunlight. Using sunscreen and covering your head is essential. Only this way can we protect ourselves from heat stroke or sunburn.

One of the trendiest head coverings is a baseball cap. It pairs well with both sporty and elegant styles. After a few hours in the scorching sun, sweat collects on it, turning into an unsightly, difficult-to-remove stain. Fortunately, this can be avoided. You only need one thing that you probably already have in your bathroom.

Stick it to the cap. Forget about sweat stains

During heat, the body starts to sweat, a natural phenomenon resulting from the body's thermoregulation. Sweat drops appear on the back, hands, feet, and head. Wearing a dark cap only accelerates this process. Acidic sweat in contact with sunlight creates permanent discolorations on the cap.

How can you avoid it? Using powder or antiperspirant might lead to a breakout of painful pimples along the hairline. However, another solution is gaining popularity on TikTok. A user posting as @dailyoriginalvids showed how to avoid sweat stains on a baseball cap.

You only need one thing—a sanitary pad. How do you do it? Lay the cap and the sanitary pad in front of you. Remove the protective strip and stick the pad to the area that comes into contact with the hairline. Make sure the pad does not stick out. If necessary, you can trim it. Change it after each outing, and forget about stains on the cap and breakouts on the forehead.

Mix with water and soak the cap. This will restore its original look

Did you get sweat stains on your baseball cap? You don't have to throw it away immediately. Try one of these tried-and-true home methods, and you'll get rid of them once and for all. If you have a light-colored cap, soak it in lukewarm water with dissolved aspirin. Leave it for half an hour, gently squeeze the excess water, and let it dry completely.

For dark caps, use a solution of gray soap or gall soap. You can buy them at any drugstore. Grate the soap, dissolve it in water, and soak the cap. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then squeeze out the water. Once dry, it will look like new.

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