TechClassic game 'The Darkness' could return: Nightdive Studios CEO hints at remaster

Classic game 'The Darkness' could return: Nightdive Studios CEO hints at remaster

The Darkness (2007)
The Darkness (2007)
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11:11 PM EST, January 24, 2024

One of the more darkly intense and fascinating shooter games, "The Darkness" - based on a comic of the same name - is a game that PC players missed out on as it was exclusively released for consoles. Surprisingly, the game spawned a sequel, but not under the original developer, Starbreeze Studios. Instead, Digital Extremes took the helm while 2K Games continued to publish.

"The Darkness II" also proved relatively successful, but not to the extent where a third iteration was warranted. However, there is now a beacon of hope for a remaster of "The Darkness". The comments of Stephen Kick, the CEO of Nightdive Studios suggest this possibility. At this stage, it is unclear whether the company owns the rights to the game or if this is a fanciful notion of the CEO.

The implication that "The Darkness" is "on the list" comes from Stephen Kick. Why should we pay attention to his comments? Because Nightdive Studios has a reputable history of reviving older, often overlooked, games. They were also responsible for the recent "Quake II" and "Doom 64" remasters.

However, it's crucial to remember that there hasn't been any official announcement yet. The studio's track record of stellar remasters and Kick's post certainly stirs up the anticipation. Now, we can only hope they secure the game's rights. Rest assured, we are eagerly awaiting an official announcement.

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