NewsClashes at the border with Lebanon. Israel eliminated militants

Clashes at the border with Lebanon. Israel eliminated militants

War in Israel
War in Israel
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1:43 PM EDT, October 9, 2023

The Israeli army confirmed that "several fighters who tried to penetrate into Israel were killed." At the Israeli-Libyan border itself, gunshots and explosions can be heard - media reports on Monday.

Lebanese television Al Manar announced through its social media about clashes in the border region with Israel. Meanwhile, one of the Israeli stations reported that "at least two" terrorists were killed.

The Israeli army reported a suspicion of an infiltration attempt from Lebanon and the direction of forces towards the kibbutz of Adamit. Israeli aviation is operating on site. Enemy positions are being fired upon by a combat helicopter.

In the cities of Iftach and Ramot Naftali in Upper Galilee, sirens wailed. The military claims that one missile fell on uninhabited land, causing no damage.

Hezbollah denies

However, Hezbollah denies that the fighters, who were alleged to have been stopped at the border, are associated with the group - this was reported to Reuters.

Earlier, Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib reportedly said that Hezbollah - the "Party of God", an armed organization funded by Iran - will not engage in combat against Israel until the Israeli side undertakes hostile actions against Lebanon.

Despite this, over the weekend Hezbollah attacked Israeli positions from Lebanon on the disputed section of the Israeli-Syrian border along the Golan Heights occupied by Israel. The shelling - said Hezbollah - was conducted "as a sign of solidarity with the resistance of the Palestinian people."

Source: PAP/Times of Israel/Reuters

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