NewsClaims of Putin's demise: Accusations of favor lost by his impersonator

Claims of Putin's demise: Accusations of favor lost by his impersonator

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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6:07 AM EST, November 18, 2023

Claims of Russian President Putin's death first emerged on the General SVR's profile, raising suspicions that his impersonator is failing in his designated role. The impersonator is allegedly falling out of favor with Nikolai Patrushev, who assumed Russia's reign after the president's rumored death.

Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, speculation regarding Putin's death and the utilization of impersonators for public appearances has grown noticeably. On October 26th, a post on the General SVR profile, claimed by authors stating themselves as former Russian service agents, claimed that Putin succumbed to a heart attack and cancer.

Putin's impersonator seems to displease authorities

Posts from the profile assert that Putin has been replaced by another impersonator and Nikolay Patrushev, the alleged head of services, governs Russia. However, these claims have not been corroborated or verified in any way.

Patrushev has ascended to the role of head of state. This reality is only overlooked by those who are blind or unwilling to acknowledge and accept Russia's current political climate. Presently, Nikolai Patrushev clearly indicates his position to the Russian people, signaling who's in power now - writes General SVR.

According to "General SVR", Putin's impersonator isn't performing well. Reportedly, he has recently upset Patrushev and is now openly snubbed by him. The head of services also appears more frequently in public, seemingly overshadowing the figurehead. The post, however, did not provide any details on what the impersonator did to displease Patrushev.

The impersonator participated in an online operational meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council of Russia yesterday. This meeting was barely discussed by the media and Nikolai Patrushev pointedly ignored it - write the profile authors.

Elections in Russia are approaching, and there's uncertainty regarding Putin's potential campaign. According to posts from General SVR, the campaign might not commence due to Patrushev's ever-increasing assertive actions.

Patrushev himself helped ignite these rumors a few days ago. He attended a meeting of members of the educational society "Knowledge", dressed entirely in black. His speech, which continually referred to Putin in the past tense, was seen by many experts as validation of Putin's death rumors. It gave the impression of eulogizing the president.

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