EntertainmentChris Rock to steer American remake of 'Another Round', DiCaprio's company produces

Chris Rock to steer American remake of 'Another Round', DiCaprio's company produces

"On the Waterfront" won the Oscar for Best International Film.
"On the Waterfront" won the Oscar for Best International Film.
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6:13 AM EST, January 30, 2024

Thomas Vinterberg's latest film became a significant hit in European cinemas, winning numerous awards, including the Oscar for Best International Film. The storyline of "Another Round" provides a unique perspective on a masculinity crisis.

The narrative centers around four middle-aged men who resolve to boost their spirits through an unusual experiment. They concur to consume a controlled amount of alcohol each day, maintaining a blood alcohol level of 0.05%. The objective? To evolve into better versions of themselves. The outcome is remarkable, with a newfound enthusiasm for work, increased involvement with their children, and overall mood enhancement. However, they become lost in this bizarre experiment, and the excess consumption of alcohol brings hidden troubles to the surface.

It's hardly surprising that American filmmakers saw potential in this story and opted to recreate it. The film will be produced by Appian Way, owned by Leonardo DiCaprio. According to a report by the American news outlet Deadline, comedian Chris Rock is expected to helm the project.

This may seem a surprising choice to many. While Rock has directed broad comedies like "Top Five", "Head of State - A Mad Presidential Campaign", and "Everybody Hates Chris", none of these productions achieved notable success.

At present, Chris Rock is busy with a biographical film about Martin Luther King. After this ambitious venture, he intends to tackle the production of "Another Round" and work on the script alongside Stuart Bloomberg.

"From an artistic standpoint, it's fascinating to see how a concept develops in different forms. Now the production will be overseen by an actor who, besides his brilliance, has consistently made shrewd career choices. I am hopeful yet curious to see where this path will lead," Thomas Vinterberg commented in an interview with "Indie Wire", referring to the acquisition of adaptation rights by Leonardo DiCaprio's company. It has been unofficially speculated that the Hollywood star may play the main role, originally portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen.

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