EntertainmentChris Hemsworth's regrets: Reevaluating his Thor legacy

Chris Hemsworth's regrets: Reevaluating his Thor legacy

Chris Hemsworth is one of the stars of the upcoming movie "Furiosa: Saga Mad Max"
Chris Hemsworth is one of the stars of the upcoming movie "Furiosa: Saga Mad Max"
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3:26 PM EDT, May 1, 2024

Chris Hemsworth, one of the three brothers, has successfully carved out a career in Hollywood. At 40, he has been a part of the entertainment industry from the outset, securing his status through his role in one of today’s biggest franchises – Marvel movies. Despite the fame and fortune of playing Thor, he now regrets this decision.

In 2011, Hemsworth first brought the Norse god to life in a movie directed by Kenneth Branagh, reprising the role over ten times in Marvel's cinematic universe. His latest portrayal was in "Thor: Love and Thunder" by Taika Waititi in 2022. With a production budget of $250 million (coincidentally the same amount allocated for a holiday film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), it grossed nearly $761 million.

Although not a failure, "Thor: Love and Thunder" did not meet the high expectations set by its predecessor, which was a critical and box office hit, applauded for Waititi's innovative take on superhero narratives. It generated over $853 million, marginally outperforming its sequel, which despite favorable reception (63 and 76 percent approval from critics and audiences, respectively) did not sit well with Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth expresses regrets over "Thor: Love and Thunder" and more

In a reflective mood during a "Vanity Fair" interview, Hemsworth disclosed his disillusionment. "I got caught up in the improv and the wackiness, and I became a parody of myself. I didn’t stick the landing," he said about his experience two years prior. Hemsworth's discontent extends beyond this movie; he has grown ambivalent towards the entire Marvel universe, feeling Thor's character has been overused.

Hemsworth compared his role on set to that of a security guard, enviously observing his colleagues' more exciting roles. Yet Robert Downey Jr. countered this view, praising Hemsworth's Thor as one of the most nuanced Avengers. Despite agreeing, Hemsworth voiced that his character could easily be replaced. He admitted to feeling torn between his perceived duty to continue the Thor legacy and moving past this chapter of his career.

The future of Hemsworth's Thor remains uncertain. Still, fans can anticipate his appearance in one of 2024's most awaited releases, "Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga" by George Miller, with its premiere set for Friday, May 24.

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