LifestyleChoosing the right underwear size without fitting: An ingenious method passed down by grandmothers

Choosing the right underwear size without fitting: An ingenious method passed down by grandmothers

How to fit underwear without measuring
How to fit underwear without measuring
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7:05 AM EST, February 19, 2024

The inability to return panties, a particular type of clothing, after purchase due to hygiene concerns is a common issue. Nobody would find the idea of wearing underwear that someone else has worn appealing. The difficulty lies in ascertaining whether we are purchasing the correct size or not. However, our grandmothers devised an ingenious method that allows you to select the correct underwear size without leaving it to guesswork.

Why is returning underwear not an option?

Underwear is in direct contact with intimate body parts where numerous bacteria, including fecal bacteria, tend to reside and multiply. Due to this risk, returning underwear, especially panties, is not an option. Most lingerie stores prohibit try-ons of panties. So how can you know you're choosing the right size? Luckily, this method works for both men and women.

Here's how to check if underwear will fit you: wrap it around your neck

The 5-Minutes Crafts platform introduced a method for checking the fit of panties without needing to put them on. It turns out, all you need to do is wrap a pair around your neck. If the ends don't touch, the size is too small. However, if they overlap - they are likely too big.

Users have commented on the effectiveness of this method in the video. One user stated, "My mother taught me this, and I still use it to this day" while another wrote, "I've been doing this for years, and it works great when choosing pants."

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