LifestyleChoosing the right underwear for your body type: Expert Tips from Chi Li

Choosing the right underwear for your body type: Expert Tips from Chi Li

Most women choose underwear poorly.
Most women choose underwear poorly.
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12:44 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Even though underwear is typically hidden under our clothes, its selection isn't as straightforward as we often imagine. The right underwear can enhance our overall appearance and emphasize our body curves. Our expert on underwear pairing has disclosed the optimal picks for each body shape and size.

Selecting the correct underwear

Chi Li categorizes female body types into four basic classifications: apple, hourglass, pear, and rectangle. Based on these, she elaborates on the kinds of underwear that women of varying shapes should opt for.

If you are characterized by a somewhat rounded belly, larger breasts, and lack a distinct waistline, a shape colloquially termed as "apple," high-cut underwear is not recommended by our expert. Instead of thongs, fuller briefs or high-waisted ones are advised to emphasize the waist and mold the entire figure.

The same principle applies to the "hourglass" body type, although in this case, she discourages the use of high cuts; fuller varieties are better. Classic briefs or hipsters are considered ideal for the hourglass figure.

Choosing the perfect underwear for your figure

Do you identify with a pear-shaped silhouette? With this type of figure, there's minimal need for scrutiny. Thongs or French-cut panties (also known as short leg panties) will impeccably accentuate your figure and shape, leaving you feeling more confident.

The rectangle body type often seems to be the most puzzling for many. But is it really? Not necessarily. With a rectangle shape, it's advised not to conceal too much. Thongs or cheeky panties, which offer slightly less coverage in the back compared to regular panties but significantly more than thongs, are recommended and can help emphasize your hips.

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