AutosChinese giant BYD surges in EV race nears Tesla's production numbers

Chinese giant BYD surges in EV race nears Tesla's production numbers

Record result of BYD
Record result of BYD
Images source: © Press materials | BYD

5:58 AM EST, November 28, 2023

Since 2022, the Chinese auto manufacturer BYD has solely focused on producing electric and electrified vehicles.

Having produced six million plug-in vehicles, BYD holds an unrivaled record. No other manufacturers globally have achieved this feat. The company has every reason to be proud, but it's worth noting that its American competitor, Tesla, is not far behind. Estimates suggest that Tesla could reach a similar production number by 2024.

BYD's foray into electromobility started back in 2008. Fast-forwarding 14 years, the company made a strategic decision to cease production of combustion engine vehicles, shifting its entire focus towards plug-in hybrids, range extender vehicles, and electric cars.

The six-millionth vehicle to be produced was the Leopard 5, which recently rolled off the production line at the Zhengzhou factory. This plug-in hybrid SUV was first introduced in August, with the initial deliveries to customers starting merely a few days prior.

Operational across 9 factories in China, BYD exports its vehicles to 57 countries worldwide, including several markets in Europe. While the production of 6 million cars is indeed a significant milestone, the auto manufacturer has indicated that this is only the beginning of its ambitious expansion plan.

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