NewsChina's UN representative condemns NATO "myth of force", reacts to EU's plan to blacklist Chinese firms

China's UN representative condemns NATO "myth of force", reacts to EU's plan to blacklist Chinese firms

Zhang Jun
Zhang Jun
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9:51 AM EST, February 13, 2024

China, once again, has voiced its dissent towards the "unilateral sanctions" linked to the war in Ukraine. It has called on the international community to "actively promote peace and dialogue" for a "political resolution of the crisis".

During the Security Council meeting held on Monday, Zhang Jun, which Russia called for on the seventh anniversary of signing the peace plan in Minsk, emphasized the importance of dispute resolution through dialogue and negotiation. He strongly advocated for adherence to political agreement and discouraged using pressure, slander, unilateral sanctions, or the deliberate use of force.

China criticizes NATO

Zhang Jun criticized NATO with a distinct call to "wake up". He stated that NATO countries should immediately discard the "myth of force" and refrain from using and threatening via war rhetoric.

EU's Sanctions on Beijing

The strongly worded response from Beijing's Permanent Representative to the UN was in response to Brussels' actions, which reportedly plans to penalize three Chinese companies and one Indian company for evading EU sanctions and exporting banned goods to Russia.

The mentioned companies, including one from Hong Kong, are among the 21 entities newly listed on the stock exchange. As per reports by the "Financial Times", they have been added to the European Commission's blacklist. This new sanctions package would prohibit European entities from conducting business with them.

If the member states approve this plan, it will mark the first case wherein companies from mainland China and India are included under EU sanctions—the British daily reports.

Source: The South China Morning Post, CGTN, Financial Times

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