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China’s new amusement behemoth sets guinness records

The construction of the amusement park resembles spaceships, as we know them from science fiction movies.
The construction of the amusement park resembles spaceships, as we know them from science fiction movies.
Images source: © Facebook | Legacy Entertainment

6:36 PM EST, November 7, 2023

The latest amusement park, which partially opened in China this September, is so massive that it's overwhelming. Merely a day after its soft launch, it crushed seven Guinness World Records. To give an idea of its immense size, it can accommodate a massive influx of 50,000 visitors every single day.

Soon after its trial opening, Chimelong The Spaceship amusement park was declared the largest indoor theme park in the world. This gigantic spaceship offers attractions sprawling across nearly 4.3 million square feet. The park's construction totaled an approximate cost of $1.1 billion.

The 2,133 feet long structure eerily mirrors our cinematic depictions of "alien ships". Particularly, the view in the evening, when futuristic contours are lit up by millions of lights, creates a setting right out of a science fiction film.

Chimelong The Spaceship was masterminded by a team from the Californian firm, Legacy Entertainment. Legacy is globally recognized for its project-themed parks and aquariums, featuring Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park and The Sea Shell aquarium in VinWonders, Phu Quoc.

Exploring the behemoth

Within the colossal spaceship, there are 15 themed sections and nearly 150,000 animals. Enumerating all the attractions this place offers would be a task, so let's just touch upon the major ones: a collection of roller coasters, each with its unique style, a pool featuring artificial waves, an underwater world with boat rides, a giant storm simulator, dual theaters, and a 5D cinema...

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom warrants special mention. It houses 38 aquariums, home to approximately 300 different marine species.

The amusement park will ultimately accommodate 50 thousand people.
The amusement park will ultimately accommodate 50 thousand people.© Facebook | Legacy Entertainment

Visitors to Chimelong will assuredly be tempted to extend their stay for multiple days. They can relax in Chimelong Spaceship Hotel with 1,250 rooms or the Chimelong Circus Hotel furnished with 750 rooms and a distinctive Venetian-style façade. This promises to be a significant attraction for kids who can also partake in magical shows in the nearby International Circus City.

Culinary Delights

Gourmands won't be deflated by what the creators of Chimelong The Spaceship amusement park have in store. In a unique 26-story tower, they've devised and outfitted numerous restaurants, bars, retail outlets, and even conference rooms.

Are you interested in knowing the categories in which the amusement park Chimelong shattered Guinness records? Let's delve in:

  • The world's largest indoor amusement park,
  • The world's largest aquarium (19.8 million gallons),
  • The world's largest aquarium tank (14.8 million gallons),
  • The world's largest artificial wave (10.5 feet),
  • The world's largest living coral reef (in tanks with a capacity of 766,000 gallons),
  • Motion simulator with the most seats worldwide (304 seats),
  • The world's largest curved projection screen (18,083 square feet).

Testing Waters With Soft Opening

Chimelong Spaceship has already initiated a so-called soft opening, which means it has been functional for a few weeks, catering to locals primarily. Alas, the company has not disclosed the date for the full-fledged launch of the amusement park for international tourists just yet.

Chimelong Spaceship is a part of the Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, an expansive resort located in Zhuhai city in Southern China. The city is an hour's drive from Macau and approximately a two-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong.

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