TechChina unveils Type 625E, new 'drone killer' anti-aircraft system in response to Ukraine war threats

China unveils Type 625E, new 'drone killer' anti-aircraft system in response to Ukraine war threats

Chinese anti-aircraft system Type 625E
Chinese anti-aircraft system Type 625E
Images source: © Ministry of Defense of China

10:21 AM EST, December 30, 2023

Type 625E is a self-propelled, artillery-missile short-range air defense system (SHORAD). This new weapon has been introduced in response to the threats exposed by the war in Ukraine, similar to those that Poland also faces, a country whose airspace is frequently infringed upon by various elements from the conflicting parties.

Apart from countering aircraft or helicopters, the Type 625E can effectively and cheaply destroy small drones, glide bombs, or mortar shells. This system offers direct protection to troop formations and other infrastructural assets.

Understanding the Type 625E Anti-Aircraft System

The Type 625E is a product of a cooperative effort between the China South Industries Group Corporation and Norinco (China North Industries Group Corporation). Its first unveiling was characterized by it being hailed as a "drone killer".

Employing an 8×8 wheeled chassis as its base form - a modification of the Chinese ZBL-08 transporter - it features a standout engine at the front of the vehicle adjacent to the driver's seat.

The Armament of Type 625E

The vehicle's chassis mounts a turret armed with eight anti-aircraft missile launchers, with four launchers mounted on each side of the turret.

The launchers and missiles seem to be adaptations from the FB-10 system unveiled by China in 2014. This weapon can eliminate targets at a distance of up to approximately 6.2 miles and an altitude of up to around 2.5 miles.

The turret also accommodates a rotating six-barreled (according to the Gatling system) 30 mm cannon, with some sources also reporting a 25 mm variant.

"Chinese Type 625E sets during exercises"
"Chinese Type 625E sets during exercises"© Ministry of Defense of China

An Anti-Drone System from China

For target detection and tracking, it uses a compact, foldable radar with a rectangular, rotating wall antenna, mounted on top of the turret. The Type 625E also has a thermal imaging camera and optical sensors.

The full scale of production for the Type 625E system remains uncertain at this point. However, the speed of the weapon's deployment is worth noting - the Chinese army is training with the equipment unveiled at a static exhibition merely a year ago.

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