NewsChina to Mexico: Launching the world's eighth-longest flight

China to Mexico: Launching the world's eighth-longest flight

The route will be operated by Airbus A350.
The route will be operated by Airbus A350.
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12:23 PM EDT, May 9, 2024

On Saturday, May 11, the inaugural flight of one of the world's longest routes will depart from Shenzhen, China, and arrive in Mexico City. The journey will take passengers 16 hours in the air and, due to a stopover on the return leg, over 21 hours.

China Southern Airlines will introduce its first direct flight from Shenzhen to Mexico's capital, setting a record as the longest scheduled flight departing from China and ranking as the eighth longest worldwide.

A record-setting route from China

The service will utilize an Airbus A350, covering more than 8,700 miles in one direction.

According to the airline, the first flight is scheduled for May 11. The nonstop trip from Shenzhen, located in southern China, to Mexico, is expected to last 16 hours, and flights will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The trip back will be considerably longer—specifically, 5 hours more, totaling 21 hours and 20 minutes. This increase is attributed to a necessary refueling stop in Tijuana, during which passengers must stay on board. The return flights to Shenzhen are planned for Wednesdays and Sundays, beginning May 12.

Previously, the longest flight from China was operated by China Southern Airlines from Guangzhou to New York, spanning nearly 8,078 miles.

The current global record holder is the flight from Singapore to New York. Operated by Singapore Airlines, this route stretches 9,500 miles and takes 19 hours aboard an Airbus A350.

Singapore Airlines highlights its aircraft's design features for passenger comfort, including high ceilings, LED lighting, increased window access, and enhanced cabin ventilation.

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