NewsChina ramps up Russia's war machine. A looming threat to Ukraine

China ramps up Russia's war machine. A looming threat to Ukraine

Władimir Putin
Władimir Putin
Images source: © Associated Press, East News | Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP
10:08 AM EDT, April 13, 2024

CNN reported that China is bolstering Russia's defence capabilities, marking the most significant escalation in military production since the Soviet era. The report cited high-ranking officials from President Joe Biden's administration. This support is enhancing Russia's position in its conflict with Ukraine.

Officials in the Biden administration highlight that China's assistance spans various sectors, including machine tool production, drone engines, technology transfer for anti-ship missiles, microelectronics, and nitrocellulose, crucial for manufacturing gun propellant.

In 2023, Russia heavily relied on Chinese microelectronics for its military hardware, utilizing up to 90 per cent of these components in missiles, tanks, and aircraft production.

Ukraine's dire weapon shortageCNN highlights that the bolstering of Russia's military capabilities directly impacts its ongoing aggression towards Ukraine, with the Ukrainian military grappling with significant shortages of equipment and weaponry. It also notes that this predicament is aggravated by the continued obstruction of a new military assistance package for Kyiv by the US Congress Republicans.

Russia's ammunition advantage

CNN reports that Russia is poised to significantly outpace the U.S. and Europe in artillery ammunition production, potentially manufacturing almost three times more ammunition.

China's support extends beyond defensive gear, assisting Russia in enhancing its satellite and space capabilities, which Russia then utilizes in its offensive against Ukraine.

Warnings from the US

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned of "serious consequences" for Chinese companies aiding Russia in the Ukrainian conflict during her visit to Beijing.

The Biden administration has also introduced regulations targeting global banks that support Russia's defense sector, threatening them with U.S. sanctions.

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