NewsChina outraged USA. US senator "disappointed" with Beijing

China outraged USA. US senator "disappointed" with Beijing

US Senate Majority Leader Schumer "disappointed" with Beijing's position on Hamas attack
US Senate Majority Leader Schumer "disappointed" with Beijing's position on Hamas attack
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12:55 PM EDT, October 10, 2023

Chuck Schumer, the leader of a group of United States senators currently visiting China, expressed his "disappointment" with Beijing's response to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Chuck Schumer reacted with these words during a meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, which took place on Monday. Reuters Agency reported this information.

"China has not shown empathy"

Schumer noted that China "did not show adequate empathy" towards Israel in the face of the difficult situation it found itself in.

- The recent events taking place in Israel are terrifying. I appeal to you and to the entire Chinese nation to stand with Israel and condemn these cowardly and brutal attacks - said Schumer during the meeting with Wang in Beijing.

Hamas attacked. China calls on the "appropriate parties."

- I must honestly say that I was deeply disappointed with the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which did not show a shred of compassion or support for Israel in these difficult times - he added.

On Sunday, Beijing called for "relevant parties" to maintain "calm" and "immediate cessation of fire". However, it did not directly condemn Hamas's bloody attacks on Israel, which began on Saturday and led to the death of hundreds of Israelis.

The statement only declared that "the fundamental way out of the conflict is the implementation of a two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state".

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