LifestyleChili pepper secret: the simple and humane solution to keep destructive voles away from your garden

Chili pepper secret: the simple and humane solution to keep destructive voles away from your garden

How to get rid of moles from the garden?
How to get rid of moles from the garden?
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1:15 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Voles can cause similar damage to a yard as moles, two creatures that are infamous amongst gardeners for their destructive abilities. Much like moles, voles are capable of causing significant damage in a yard, sometimes overnight. So the question arises: how can we rid our yards of voles?

The Reasoning Behind Voles Being Labelled as Pests

Voles might look like charming, large hamsters due to their small size and brown-red fur, but they are far from adorable when they make their way into a garden. It's at this point that their destructive nature becomes all too apparent.

Unlike other rodents, voles do not hibernate. This means they can potentially destroy a yard all year round. Similar to moles, voles travel in the tunnels they construct themselves. Regrettably, their tunnel-building habits can completely destroy the root systems of many garden plants, often leading to the plants' demise.

Simple, Affordable and Humane Methods of Vole Control

Voles' diet consists of fruits, plants, and seeds. Occasionally, they may also consume green stalks which can lead to a plant's complete eradication. Having voles in your yard is a surefire sign of impending trouble. However, there is a method that will effectively keep voles away from your yard and it is both cost-effective and humane, posing no harm to the voles.

The secret deterrent is capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers. To get rid of voles, sprinkle chili pepper in the tunnels dug by these pesky creatures. This can be easily found in the spice section of any store. Alternatively, you might also choose to create sprays for tunnels, trees, and shrubs. Simply mix chili pepper with about 1 quart of water and decant the mixture into a sprayer. Liberally spray potential vole points of interest—including entrances to tunnels, bushes, and trees—to keep them at bay.

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