NewsChildren with severed heads. A shocking report from Israel

Children with severed heads. A shocking report from Israel

Colonel Golan Vach.
Colonel Golan Vach.
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4:55 PM EDT, October 15, 2023

On Saturday morning, Hamas terrorists attacked the Be'eri kibbutz community, which is a few miles from the Gaza Strip. The terrorists killed over a hundred people. - What I've seen here, should never be seen by any human - recounts Israeli Colonel Golan Vach.

On Saturday, around 12:30 AM ET, the residents of Be’eri were awakened by the sound of sirens. This settlement community is already accustomed to this sound as the area is often a target of Hamas rocket attacks.

"Currently, it is a place associated with horror and tragedy, as one of the centers of the massacre perpetrated by Islamic Hamas fighters in southern Israel, which began on Saturday morning" - describes the British Guardian.

The British newspaper describes, "the smell of death is striking" upon entering the kibbutz Be'eri. Out of 1200 people living in the kibbutz Be'eri, over 120 people have died in a Hamas attack - CNN reported.

Israeli Colonel Golan Vach, who was at the scene of the Hamas crime, was told by one of the surviving women that she knew some of the murderers, as they once worked at the kibbutz.

- I served in the military in Lebanon and other places. I was a combat officer for 17 years and saw many terrible things. What I saw here, should never be seen by any man - reports in an interview with Daily Mirror, Colonel Golan Vach.

- What I saw here was humiliation, elderly people lying down with their hands tied... lost. A murdered child - he adds.

- Not only did I see a child with a head severed by Hamas terrorists, but I held him in my hands. That's why this region needs to be cleansed of these people - says the colonel.
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