NewsChild exploitation in Russian propaganda: "Kill the fascist scum"

Child exploitation in Russian propaganda: "Kill the fascist scum"

"Kill the fascist scum". Children exploited by Russians.
"Kill the fascist scum". Children exploited by Russians.
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10:19 AM EST, December 5, 2023

Russian propaganda continues to rise in strength, however, the use of children to push these agendas evokes significant concern. The latest video showcases school students reciting propagandist poetry.

Russian propaganda abounds on the internet, reaching an alarming new level by infiltrating schools. As reported weeks ago by Telegram, top students from Bratsk were made to sit at a desk dubbed the "hero's desk", adorned with portraits of deceased soldiers. Such propaganda implies that this is some form of reward for them.

I want to fight for Russia. For peace, love, and family. For my mom and dad, and my homeland. bravely, I will give my life - declares the first boy.

These are more than ordinary poems. They are laced with aggression, calling among other things, for support of Russian soldiers and the death of "fascist scum".

Stay strong, everyone. We know how hard things are out there. Despite everything, return alive for our fatherland's glory. Chechens and Russians. Bashkirs and Dagestanis, put an end to the "fascist scum" forever. May they receive what they deserve. Descendants of Bandera tortured people in captivity – we hear.

Child exploitation by Russians and the impact on America

The propagandistic "poems" recited by the children also target the United States, which has provided strong support for the Ukrainian army since the onset of the war. Without their assistance, Ukraine would find it impossible to resist Russian aggression.

America is perceived as contemptible and murderous. Europe is painted as dishonest. The desire for freedom is never fully satisfied. The path towards it is fraught with struggles. Soldier, endure; you are the descendant of those who defeated the fascists in 1945 - says another child.
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