LifestyleChiara Ferragni's eccentric fashion: Transforming kitsch to art at Schiaparelli show

Chiara Ferragni's eccentric fashion: Transforming kitsch to art at Schiaparelli show

Chiara Ferragni in a spectacular outfit
Chiara Ferragni in a spectacular outfit Instagram/chiaraferragni
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9:08 AM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:45 AM EST, March 7, 2024

There's a singular rule at haute couture shows - don't mimic everyone else. You'd instead be labeled a fascinating oddball and misunderstood visionary than to blend into the humdrum, gray crowd. It's the ideal opportunity for the style icons at the Schiaparelli collection show to unleash their imaginations. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, they did. Chiara Ferragni was standing out with Kylie Jenner and her eye-catching lion-themed outfit.

Chiara Ferragni transforms kitsch into art

The world's top blogger and champion of Italian flamboyance welcomes you to her theatrical extravaganza. Chiara Ferragni expertly navigates tricky and contentious trends. She flawlessly embraces the challenges that have led others into fashion pitfalls and reputation wrecks. Ferragni is a connoisseur of eccentricity, who converts kitsch trends into 'works of art'.

Dolce vita fades as Chiara Ferragni redefines Italian flamboyance

If anyone deems black to be a dull color - they must see Chiara Ferragni's snapshots from the Schiaparelli show. The Italian national trendsetter revamps the "dolce vita" style, infusing it with an edgy, dark, and artistic aesthetic. Even though she embraces accents inspired by Burton's films and the grotesque, she still manages to appear elegant, compelling, and captivating at the same time.

An unconventional black outfit

Chiara Ferragni opted for a black shirt adorned with a bow-like structure paired with shiny black "hot pants". The outfit incorporated a striking gold belt at her waistline, much like an equator, alongside oversized cuffs shaped like bells, as well as a geometric chest adornment shaped like cones. She sensibly finished off the look with polka-dotted tights, adding a dash of playfulness and retro allure to the ensemble.

An accessory masterpiece

The real showstopper, however, was the accessories. Chiara Ferragni, far from being a minimalist, wears numerous earrings and chains from dawn till dusk. Hence, her handbag featuring a face motif, along with her sunray and eye-shaped earrings - could easily be gallery-worthy pieces. This array also invites a deeper interpretation, perhaps referencing the sun god or the all-seeing eye.

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