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Chef Ramsay celebrates birthday, reflects on parenting philosophy

Gordon Ramsay with his wife
Gordon Ramsay with his wife
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1:04 PM EST, November 8, 2023

The Ramsays have been together for 31 years, and together, they have raised five children. Tana Ramsay became a mother for the first time at the age of 24 and had her last child at the age of 45. Despite being capable of indulging their children, they have chosen to provide only a modest allowance. Gordon Ramsay celebrated his 57th birthday on November 8, 2023.

Famed chef and television star Gordon Ramsay turned 57 years old. His talent in cooking, strong managerial skills, and intense temperament make him difficult to overlook.

Decades of marriage

Gordon recently celebrated his 57th birthday, while his wife, Cayetana, affectionately called Tana, is 49. The slender Englishwoman, with long dark hair and a warm complexion, captured his heart as a teenager at 18. She married Gordon, a man eight years her senior, when she was only 22. At that time, she was a teacher trained in the Maria Montessori method.

In show business, such long-lasting relationships are rare. However, Gordon and Tana have successfully maintained their partnership for 31 years. They wed 27 years ago.

Together, they have raised a large family with five children named Megan, Holly, Jack, Matilda, and Oscar.

The devastating loss of a child

Several years ago, Gordon and Tana Ramsay faced a heartbreaking tragedy when Tana miscarried during the 21st week of her pregnancy in 2016.

"We're devastated. It was the worst weekend of our lives. We are now healing our wounds together as a family," posted the renowned Scottish restaurateur on Facebook in 2016.

Years after suffering the painful loss of their son, Gordon reflected on how the tragedy brought the family closer. He stated in an interview with People Magazine, "Experiencing such trauma has been a life-changing moment. But I think it has made us stronger as a family. A bond has formed between us that wouldn't have existed under normal circumstances."

They named the child they lost, Rocky. Despite their heartbreak, they were committed to fulfilling their dream of having another child. Ramsay revealed that if they weren’t discouraged by their doctors, they would try to conceive again. And they did!

In April 2019, Tana gave birth to their son, Oscar, at the age of 45.

"After three BAFTA awards and one Emmy... we've finally won an Oscar. Please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who arrived today at 12:58 PM, just in time for lunch!" - Gordon Ramsay shared on Instagram.

No inheritance planned for his children

Despite having a fortune estimated to be around 113 million pounds, Gordon Ramsay does not spoil his children. They receive a small allowance to cover their phone bills and commuting costs to school. He also does not intend to leave them any money in his will, explaining that such wealth could potentially "spoil" them.

His eldest daughter, Megan, was given 100 pounds (about $130) weekly when she began her studies. She had to use this amount for transportation, bills, and saving for clothing. Her younger siblings received half of this amount.

Ramsay does plan to contribute towards each child's housing expenses. He will invest 25 percent of the total cost for each of them. However, this investment will be forfeited if his children do not save enough money to make a purchase or obtain a loan.

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