NewsChechnya to hold "educational talks" for social media users, led by Kadyrov's son

Chechnya to hold "educational talks" for social media users, led by Kadyrov's son

Ramzan Kadyrow
Ramzan Kadyrow
1:55 PM EDT, March 26, 2024

In Chechnya, "educational talks" will be initiated with residents who post on social media in ways "inconsistent with Chechen culture and mentality," according to the Kavkaz.Realii portal. Supervising the operation will be the 18-year-old son of Ramzan Kadyrov.

In February, Akhmat Kadyrov, the 18-year-old son of Ramzan Kadyrov, the region's head, was appointed head of the Ministry of Youth Affairs in Chechnya. The ministry's staff plans to monitor social media to ensure that citizens' conduct aligns with "Chechen culture".

It remains unclear what will be considered a breach of the regulations, who will carry out the "educational talks," or whether this "education" will be the sole repercussion of the ministry's interventions.

Kadyrov previously announced "educational talks"

In December 2023, Ramzan Kadyrov announced that measures should be taken against local bloggers challenging Chechnya's values. This announcement came in the context of reprimanding two bloggers and athletes, Aschab Tamayev and Arbi Yemiev, who promoted online casinos in their videos.

At the end of 2022, Kadyrov critiqued Chechen residents sporting long beards without attending mosques, proposing they undergo "educational talks".

Some experts argue that assigning such "instructional" responsibilities to an 18-year-old contradicts Chechen traditions, as young individuals publicly advising elders is considered disrespectful. This perspective was shared by an academic teacher from Grozny, preferring anonymity, in a discussion with Kavkaz.Realii.

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