NewsChechen Leader Kadyrov's Grim Battle with Pancreatic Necrosis

Chechen Leader Kadyrov's Grim Battle with Pancreatic Necrosis

Kadyrov with Putin.
Kadyrov with Putin.
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9:54 AM EDT, April 22, 2024

Ramzan Kadyrov is reportedly facing severe health issues, with a disease that could potentially be life-threatening. "Novaya Gazeta Europe" has shared details about the Chechen leader's health, indicating a clear line of succession should his condition worsen.

Ramzan Kadyrov's health has been a topic of concern for some time. His health struggles, ranging from minor to severe, have frequently been the subject of public discourse.

One notable announcement in 2019 highlighted Kadyrov's health struggles when he had to delegate duties due to illness. Initially described as a cold and malaise following fieldwork in harsh weather, further reports of hospitalizations and IV treatments suggested more severe health problems.

Kadyrov diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis

Subsequent reports have revealed Kadyrov's battle with pancreatic necrosis, a condition associated with intense pain, difficult treatment options, and deadly outcomes. "Novaya Gazeta Europe" provided insights into this matter.

In January 2019, medical specialists diagnosed Ramzan Kadyrov with pancreatic necrosis, as reported by "Novaya Gazeta Europe." That year, Kadyrov exhibited significant weight loss, a common indicator of this aggressive disease.

In 2020, Kadyrov's diagnosis was complicated by COVID-19, exacerbating his already precarious health situation, which included hormonal imbalances, among other severe conditions.

Journalists have observed a noticeable decline in Kadyrov's health in spring 2022, reporting a significant increase in his physique.

Characteristic symptoms such as abdominal swelling indicative of pancreatic ascites, severe respiratory difficulties, impaired speech, compromised mobility, and dressing inappropriately warm for the Chechen weather were observed.

Is Kadyrov's health in critical danger? It's difficult to say definitively. However, the severity of his condition cannot be understated.

Pancreatic necrosis, a grave condition stemming from serious pancreatitis, leads to the death of pancreatic tissue, potentially causing infections, internal bleeding, and multi-organ failure. Despite advances in treatment, this condition remains a significant health risk.

A potential successor for Kadyrov

Speculation suggests that Apti Alaudinov, the head of Chechen special forces, is being groomed as Kadyrov's successor, recently named deputy head of the Main Directorate of Military and Political Work of the Ministry of Defense. Alaudinov is seen as a key ally and trusted by Kadyrov.

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