EntertainmentCharity initiative lets you brighten your Valentine's Day by naming a wild cat after an ex

Charity initiative lets you brighten your Valentine's Day by naming a wild cat after an ex

Name the wild cat EX.
Name the wild cat EX.
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9:04 AM EST, February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14, is typically seen as a special occasion for expressing love and affection. It is an ideal opportunity for people to share heartfelt messages, exchange themed cards, modest gifts, flowers, or arrange dates together. It is a day when lovers celebrate their relationships, and individuals can express their affections towards someone significant in their lives. Originally associated with the Christian Saint Valentine, it is now widely recognized as a day to celebrate love.

How to brighten up your Valentine's Day

However, Valentine's Day is not always a joyous occasion for everyone. For some, especially those who are single, it can be a day of sadness and sorrow. The holiday can evoke painful memories of heartbreak or past relationship issues. An organization called Watching Over Whiskers, which works for the welfare of homeless cats, has created an innovative way to lift the spirits of those who find Valentine's Day difficult due to past unpleasant experiences with love.

With a donation of $50 to this American foundation, you get the unique opportunity to name a wild cat after an ex-partner. All the money raised through this initiative will be used for a noble cause – to support homeless cats, covering costs such as sterilization procedures and veterinary visits.

Name the wild cat EX.
Name the wild cat EX.© Canva

Source: Daily Star

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