TechCharging your smartphone overnight?Eexperts say it's a fire hazard

Charging your smartphone overnight?Eexperts say it's a fire hazard

It's worth knowing how not to charge your phone.
It's worth knowing how not to charge your phone.
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9:37 PM EDT, June 29, 2024

Many people consider charging their smartphones and tablets at night a convenient solution—the devices are charged and ready to go right after waking up. However, experts warn that this can be dangerous.

Most people have a daily ritual of charging their phones. Although it is a simple task, many users make mistakes that can damage their devices or even cause dangerous situations.

Avoid charging your phone at night

Charging a phone at night is common, but specialists recommend avoiding it. During nighttime charging, the device can repeatedly reach 100 percent charge and discharge again, which increases the risk of overheating and short circuits.

Firefighters report increasing fires caused by phones connected to chargers throughout the night. Therefore, to minimize the risk, charging your phone during the day is best to avoid prolonged charging.

Charging smartphones at night — is it safe?

Indeed, leaving devices charging all night can be dangerous. One of the risks is the possibility of a fire in the event of an electrical short circuit.

Firefighters have long emphasized the risks associated with not unplugging electrical devices like kettles or coffee makers before going to bed or leaving the house. These devices, often made of plastic and placed on wooden surfaces, can increase the risk of fire in the event of a short circuit, which can lead to fires.

Similar risks apply to mobile phones, which are often charged at night. We frequently leave them in bed or in close proximity to ourselves. Battery problems or ignition can have serious consequences.

An additional risk is the increasing number of electrical devices in our homes, which forces us to use extension cords and power strips. Unfortunately, each outlet has its limitations and can quickly become overloaded.

When we plug too many devices into one outlet, the installation can overheat, which is also a potential source of fire.

For this reason, it is essential to exercise caution. The safest time to charge mobile devices is during the day.

It is also vital to avoid plugging multiple devices into one outlet. Specialists warn that such actions can have serious consequences. Although we all want to have charged devices in the morning, it is worth looking for safer solutions.

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