TechCharging your phone overnight could be a potential fire hazard

Charging your phone overnight could be a potential fire hazard

Charging the phone at night photo. freepik
Charging the phone at night photo. freepik
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8:24 AM EDT, June 24, 2024

Charging a phone at night is an increasingly common practice. However, there is one key reason why we should avoid this habit.

A habit stronger than anything?

Many people charge their smartphones at night, and it's undisputable that it's a very convenient solution. When you go to bed, you know you won't be able to use your device for several hours, which seems like the perfect time to charge the battery fully. At first glance, that's precisely how the situation appears. However, not everyone is aware of the risks that come with it.

Charging your phone at night - firefighters warn about this danger

Many people believe that charging a phone overnight is entirely safe. Firefighters, however, have a different opinion based on their experiences with fires and complex statistical data. An increasing number of fires are being explicitly caused by phones charging overnight. Although this number is currently smaller than the number of fires caused, for example, by a short circuit in an electric kettle, it has been growing year by year.

How can a phone plugged in at night catch fire? Every electrical device has the potential to short circuit while charging. In the case of phones, however, an additional factor increases the risk. This is what manufacturers refer to as phone stress.

When your smartphone reaches a full charge, it automatically stops drawing power. If it's on and its charge drops slightly below 100 percent, it starts charging again.

This process can repeat multiple times throughout the night—the device charges up, cuts off power, and starts drawing energy again. Under such conditions, the risk of a short circuit and the device catching fire increases. Therefore, it's worth paying attention to this.

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