NewsCharges filed in Crocus City Hall attack as Moscow tightens security

Charges filed in Crocus City Hall attack as Moscow tightens security

The suspects in the attack on Crocus City Hall in court in Moscow
The suspects in the attack on Crocus City Hall in court in Moscow
Images source: © East News | Alexander Zemlianichenko
1:25 PM EDT, March 25, 2024
The first two men suspected of having participated in the attack on Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, have been charged. Russian media outlets have shared photos and videos from the courtroom, highlighting the increased security measures surrounding the premises.
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Caution! Numerous reports of alleged attacks and acts of aggression attributed to Ukraine, as well as developments in the conflict, sourced from Russian and Belarusian state media, are likely false. These reports may be part of an informational campaign by the Russian Federation.
The Russian authorities are swiftly moving forward with legal proceedings against the individuals implicated in the Crocus City Hall incident. According to the Kremlin's news service, RIA Novosti, the suspects have been taken to Moscow's Basmanny court.
In the vicinity of the courthouse, security protocols have been significantly reinforced. Metal barriers shelter the court, and police officers, equipped with automatic weapons, patrol the area.
The channel Mash has uploaded on Telegram footage from the court proceedings involving one of the suspects linked to the Crocus City Hall attack.
RIA Novosti has announced that the first two men have been formally accused of terrorism—a crime that is punishable by life imprisonment in Russia. The court has also ordered their temporary detention.

The Incident at Crocus City Hall

An alarming incident unfolded at Crocus City Hall, a concert hall in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, last Friday. Assailants armed with firearms attacked attendees, and an explosion was reported. The subsequent fire caused part of the building's roof to cave in.
The attack has been claimed by the Islamic State's Khorasan province organization. Russian officials report the apprehension of four individuals responsible for the incident, noting that the suspects are not Russian nationals.
According to the Russian Federation's Investigative Committee, the death toll from the terrorist act at Crocus City Hall has climbed to 137, with 62 victims having been identified thus far.
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